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All In One Blog List Maret 16, 2009

Posted by rasbany in Article Marketing, Bisnis Online, Pengalaman Pribadi.
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Ini dia list blog yang keren-keren..heheh narcis mode on dah terserah mau dibilang apa aja..

Psst ini cuma ngetest kok apakah google.com masih memandang penting anchor text ataukah hanya buang-buang waktu saja..? ada yang mau ngasih saran..?

5 Things You Should Know About CPA Network Company Maret 6, 2009

Posted by rasbany in Article Marketing, Pay Per Lead.
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Did you already registered on one trustable cpa company on the net…? if yes please read this entry carefully, or if you are not registered yet this short article also will help you choosing the best place to start your online income journey.

Cpa or cost per action is one of the best way to make money throught internet marketing, some of them is really legit and many also just live and gone (scam – red) becarefull to choose the place for you to hang on. Follow this simple tips to choose suitable and best affiliate network to work on :

  1. Find on the internet marketing forum such as digitalpoint and warriorforum will help you the best place to start, ask senior members there also moderators to pick and give a short review about companies where you will start work on.
  2. Find on Google.com and collect lot informations before you start join on them
  3. Choose the affiliate network that will pay you with paypal with the best affiliate manager support
  4. You might be considering joining the network that has many helath related offers.
  5. History and age of the company will be most inportant things, avoid you from the new companies that will scam you !!

Based on this tips i was really has bad news today as i was posted on my affiliate marketing tutorials blog, you wanna know what, !! yes i was being shut down by one of the affiliate company i work on, they are really suck and just terminate my acount without specific reason, really sad when my commision is gone over $2 k more (it was 2300 bucks !!) .

This time for me to start blogging from zero, i am trying to forget it, next time i will post what decision made on my case. I really dissapointed with this poor customer support company. This week just wanna say goodbye for cpa, and now all i hope hang on the next payment from hydranetwork.

Thank you for reading my articles, see also my indonesian blog Tutorial bisnis on www.rasbany.com

Gratis : Premiun Rapidshare Account Februari 20, 2009

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Sudah seringkali kita mungkin menjumpai link download yang terhubung ke jaringan rapidshare.com dan seseringkali itupun bagi kita yang merupakan user biasa, dan buka premium user yang memiliki account premium untuk dibuat kecewa karena download kita dibatasi. Artikel ini merupakan kelanjutan dari artikel saya sebelumnya tentang trik mendapatkan rapidshare premium account dan juga artikel tentang daftar account premium di rapidshare.

Oke kita langsung saja ya, pepatah bilang ada banyak jalan menuju roma, dan itu benar sekali. Jika anda teliti maka anda akan menemukan banyak cara untuk mengakali situasi sulit download film kesayangan atau software (bajakn – red) dari rapidshare.com ini, cara tersebut adalah dengan menggunakan website yang bisa menggenerate link premium sementara bagi anda atau lebih kerennya rapid link premium creator website.

Dimana anda bisa mendapatkan link account rapidshare premium itu..? jawabanya adalah banyak sekali dan berikut ini adalah beberapa list siap pakai yang bisa anda gunakan(cukup copykan link download anda dan sim salabim, maka anda akan langsung menerima link download baru dari mereka yang bisa anda pakai tanpa menunggu waktu berjalan, link anda sudah berubah menjadi premium saat itu juga. waw…ini dia daftar website penyedia layanan yang sering saya pakai juga :

Sementara 3 link itu dulu yang saya punya, sebenarnya ada banyak sekali tapi kebanyakan bohongan dan tidak jalan, nanti saya update artikelnya jika saya menemukan yang bagus lagi.

Oke selamat berdownload ria kawan-kawan, leave your feedback !!

Ali Nahwi

The Best Online Marketing Resources September 29, 2008

Posted by rasbany in Article Marketing, Bisnis Online.
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Rasbany.net is one of the best online marketing resources, if you wanna get some good quality articles you must be the first reader there. They are every day updated their articles.

There are may kind of category that you will found there, according to my friend who has been loyal readers there, they are providing very best articles about internet marketing, real estate, and much more.

So what do you waiting for, run and start your online marketing education right now.