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Sebuah Pembelajaran SEO Oktober 7, 2008

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Postingan ini sengaja ditujukan untuk memberikan dukungan kepada semua peserta Kampanya Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 yang berasal dari indonesia. Good Luck Guys semoga sukses semua dan tetap fair play gunakan semua kemampuan kita untuk memberitahu dunia bahwa kita juga bisa.

Terakhir jangan lupa berdoa yah.

Learning SEO Basic – Picking Your Keywords Juli 21, 2008

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To understand SEO you need to start from the very beginning. This implies the right to choose keywords that represent your heart business. Here’s how!

Optimization of search engines is the key to achieving high rankings with search engines. Without a good SEO skills, your site simply does not appear near the top of the standings and you will not be connected to a good supply of potential customers. Even if you understand what SEO is, you still need to understand a few important points on doing optimization efficient search engine.

The choice of keyword phrases

Any SEO activities must start by choosing keyword phrases with which to work. These sentences are important because they are the heart of your content. More importantly, these are the words that you predict people enter into search engines to find the types of products or services you offer. The good news is that you do not have to be psychic to choose those keywords. You’ll find several free tools on the Internet and many Internet users come to market products with the keyword find tools.

Here’s how it works

Think of a phrase you can use if you were a potential customer for your site. Go to the tool and enter the words. Let’s say you sell an ebook on dog training so that you naturally choose the words “dog training” to enter keywords. Usually, the tool will give you the volume search engine for words you entered.

This lets you know how often
people use the term in their research. For “dog training”, you’ll probably a good medium to high volume. This means that it is a good possibility, but most tools keyword also show you how many of your competitors are also using the keyword for their optimization. If this number is very high, your chance of classification and use this expression with your SEO will be reduced.

The good news is that the keyword tool should also show you a list of other keywords that you can use in addition to or instead of the one you originally entered. For example, “best dog training” May still have good volumes of research, but May not be used by the largest number of competitors. If you optimize for this word, then you stand a better chance of achieving a solid ranking thanks to your SEO. You can also choose a phrase as “pet obedience school” which has practically not used by your competitors, but have a low volume of research. This means that some people are looking for expression, but not many sites have used the term. It might be a good bet for the classification and decent.

Next steps seo

You should choose more than one keyword for your efforts. Remember the more words for you optimize the more you increase your chances to score at the top of the rankings for at least one term. Moreover, by showing the results of the search engine several terms means you’ll have even more exposure to potential customers and prospects.

Once you have chosen several words, you’ll need to start building your content around these words. Although a little tricky, SEO is not as difficult as you might think.